Friday, January 05, 2007

The Screensaver is here! v1.6 for everyone!

After many requests, I've created a screensaver version of deskFlickr!

Download the v1.6 installer, then right click the .scr file and "Install" it.

Big news:
  • The screensaver supports multiple monitors
  • Screensaver settings are separate from the regular deskFlickr settings so you can have different tags for each
  • v1.6 now has links for both the wallpaper you have and the Flickr page, so you can get to either quickly
  • The link for the collage Flickr page allows you to click on any square of the collage and be taken to that Flickr page
  • Added an installer that puts the files in a folder on your desktop so no more errors trying to run it from the website!
Enjoy and keep deskFlickr-ing!

Download link on the right!


Jim said...

I built my wife a digital picture frame for Christmas out of an old laptop and it is running W2K, but the video card does not support OPEN GL, so I can not use the slickr screensaver application. I am looking for an alternative and found your product today.

I tried to enter my account information in the 'User Options' section in the Options form but it does not pull any images. My account is active and all my images are set to public.

Any ideas?

Jeremy said...

Hey Jim,
In the username box you need to enter your flickr username, and not the NSID, so for me it is samuraicode, the screensaver will then figure out your NSID for you. Also, if it has spaces in your username you need to HTML encode them, so "Bob Builder" would be "Bob%20Builder". Hope that helps!

Jim said...

Thanks for the reply Jeremy. My account has an '&' in the title. That might cause a problem.

I tried using '&' but it did not work either. Hmmm, maybe I will try changing my account name.


Jeremy said...

Next release I will HTML encode that stuff for you, but in the meantime you can convert your '&' into '&'
That should work for you.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, darn thing got html encoded turn your & into &_amp; without the underscore, that's the html equivalent

Jim said...

Got it, thanks!

I just renamed my my account and removed the '&'.

Thanks for your application, I'm using right now and it works great on the older laptop.


Jim said...


I have gotten an error a few times
The first image loads and most times the second images does not load.

You can email me (jimmypennington [at]gmail[dot] com and we can talk about it further,assuming you want to.


asdasd said...
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asdasd said...

Flicrpaper is a very nice app. I just has one problem. If you want it to run at startup, and put it in the "Startup" folder on the Start menu, it will start, no problem. But for some reason the autoplay function will not work correctly. If I tag: SuperAPlus, it will normally find a lot of pictures. But at startup, it will not find any. You have to search for an other tag, like i do, SuperAPlu without s, and then stop search and start a new search with SuperAPlus. First then, it will find pictures.

As you probably understand, it is terribly lot of work to make it work. Maybe you could add a "run at startup" command to the program? It is such a great program that I think it worth trying to fix...

I also have an other idea to even make it more advanced. Why don't you try to add some, what do you say in english; picture transition? Some fade effect maybe?

Thank you anyway for a great program!