Monday, January 07, 2008

A little direction please

I've recently realized I have a lot of disparate content on here and wanted to put a post to guide people to my various "free" projects. Here goes:

  • deskFlickr - A windows application to rotate Flickr images on your desktop wallpaper, can also make collages. C#. Also contains a screensaver version.
  • blog2PDF - Converts your blogs, mainly Blogger ones, to a PDF file for printing or archiving. Simple interface. C#
  • WallCalendar - Make your desktop wallpaper your Google calendar. C#
  • JukeTube - Search for YouTube videos and play them one after the other automatically. Has features such as a mini player, shuffle and saving of playlists. PHP, AJAX
  • myIdeaMap - Organize and brainstorm ideas online using an index card concept. Useful for screenwriting which I dabble in. Ruby, AJAX
That should help get folks going in the right directions. As always, please comment with suggestions, comments, or unfettered praise!