Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blog2PDF - Keep on blogging

My wife loved her present of her blog in book form. I'll post more about that later. I've added the functionality to handle all the crazy HTML encoded characters. It works well on most blogs now. I'll post some more samples soon!

Remember, you can download the installer here

Found a great site that does cheap printing and their binding process is really phenomenal. http://trubind.myshopify.com


Rich said...

Hello Jeremy,

Blog2PDF looks very handy, unfortunately, it crashes when processing my blog at http://2006arapennstate.blogspot.com/. Maybe one of the entries is too long?


Jeremy said...

Hrmm, not sure why it crashed, maybe I fixed something since you downloaded. Try re-downloading and installing. I ran it and it worked fine for me.

BTW, I graduated from Penn State :)

Fred said...

Is it possible to configure this so I can print a private blog? Private blogger account, Multiply, livejournal, etc?

Jeremy said...

I don't have any private accounts so it makes it hard to test.

Elena Manwaring said...

THANK YOU for the VERY cool blog archiving tool! IT was almost exactly what I was looking. I do however have one suggestion. I like to caption my pictures as I post, but your tool groups all pictures together then all text together at the end. Is there a way you could get it to capture each picture with the text directly beneath it in the same order they are posted? Thanks again, I have told all my friends about this awesome tool!

Rich said...

Hello Jeremy,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here again. Anyways, Blog2PDF worked perfectly this time.

I also graduated from Penn State, in 1980. It was also the name of my daughter's rec softball team last year. :)



Matt (GooSync) said...

Hey neat little application, nice idea. I tried it with my blog http://2000mph.wordpress.com and it got the title of some of my posts and the first section of text but then it cuts out with [...] no pictures or anything else.

Anyway I was directed here by your Google Calendar desktop which is great, very handy.