Monday, January 07, 2008

A little direction please

I've recently realized I have a lot of disparate content on here and wanted to put a post to guide people to my various "free" projects. Here goes:

  • deskFlickr - A windows application to rotate Flickr images on your desktop wallpaper, can also make collages. C#. Also contains a screensaver version.
  • blog2PDF - Converts your blogs, mainly Blogger ones, to a PDF file for printing or archiving. Simple interface. C#
  • WallCalendar - Make your desktop wallpaper your Google calendar. C#
  • JukeTube - Search for YouTube videos and play them one after the other automatically. Has features such as a mini player, shuffle and saving of playlists. PHP, AJAX
  • myIdeaMap - Organize and brainstorm ideas online using an index card concept. Useful for screenwriting which I dabble in. Ruby, AJAX
That should help get folks going in the right directions. As always, please comment with suggestions, comments, or unfettered praise!


Capetuff said...

I've been looking at some options for displaying Google Calendar on the desktop and came across your program which looks like just the thing! However, having read the entry on GCalDaemon on Lifehacker, which mentions encrypting the password, I was wondering if this is something that's also built into WallCalendar please?


John said...

I love the idea of the blog2pdf, but I'm having problems. It says, cannot load the rss feed. Do you have any suggestions on how I can solve this problem. My blog is:

I have the rss on, but I have a feed setup with feedburner. I tried turning that off and still got the error message.

You can email me at

Thanks- I hope to hear from you soon. I'm stumped on this.

John T.